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Personal Protection

Ensure your staff members are safe and protected with our range of PPE equipment here at Blue Riband Uniforms. Our range includes both disposable and reusable safety masks to choose from, as well as disposable latex gloves to help ensure a sterile environment. Made from comfortable fabrics that cover the nose and mouth, our protective face masks are designed to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses between individuals, as well as the cross-contamination between surfaces and hand-to-face contact.

Essential items for those within the healthcare and hospitality industry or public-facing roles, our latex gloves and protective face masks help to ensure a safe working environment for staff, patients and customers. Alongside gloves and masks, our PPE range also includes comfortable, anti-fog medical face visors and clear lens safety goggles that provide carers and medical staff with a full protective shield against droplets and vapour.

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