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With an extensive product range of over 1000 different styles to suit all types of businesses.  

We can tailor a uniform program that will suit any business, regardless of size or budget.

We will offer a personalised service by working closely with our clients, so depending what your needs are, we can be as much or as little involved in your uniform program as you like.

Furthermore, thanks to our attractive prices, we will help you save money - So staying within your budget is easy, as there is no compromise on style or choice.


Service to Fit Your Business

At Blue Riband Uniforms we understand how different sized businesses have different needs and we are 100% focussed on meeting the needs of all our clients. That is why we have developed three service packages, so whether you have a team of 1 or 100,000 you're guaranteed great service at all times.

1 to 50 uniform wearers
choose our catalogue service


Choose from over 1000 different styles in three price brackets.


Prestige - effortless elegance. Superior tailoring and fashionable designs. In highest quality fabrics. Comfortable 100% wool suiting and luxurious cotton shirts and blouses.


Mid-range - Classic designs with a touch of fashion. Easy care tailoring that combines comfortable and long-lasting materials that stand up to daily demands.Competetively priced.


Great Value - Hardworking basics that excel under pressure. With over 100 items in our Great Value range, there ismore choice to suit any budget!


Order by phone, fax or email. See Contact Us for more details.



50 to 500 uniform wearers
choose our personal service


Blue Riband Uniforms is so much more than just a catalogue company. We understand that businesses like to deal with people directly.


We can help you choose the right uniform for your business. Based on our catalog product range with an option to customize selected styles or accessories, it does not have to cost you a fortune to create a winning uniform program. From samples and size fitting to specific budget requirements, we can offer you a solution that fits your business.


To discuss your individual uniform needs Contact Us



Over 500 uniform wearers
choose our custom-made service


If your business has more than 500 uniform wearers, our dedicated team of experts will work with you to take care of everything. A specially appointed Account Manager will work with you from the start to the end of the program and beyond.


If you're looking for custom design uniform to represent and reinforce your brand image, this is the option for you.


We offer end-to-end totally managed service from designing an entirely exclusive uniform based on your requirements to replicating an existing one. So there's no need to worry, should you wish to change your supplier.


To discuss your individual uniform needs Contact Us